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EPLEFPA Lozère is a public professional and vocational institute (French Ministry for food, agriculture and forestry) located in southern France. The institution consists of five institutions (St Chely, La Canourgue, Florac, Marvejols, Langogne) spread throughout the Lozere area and offers a wide range of courses in different fields : agriculture, food processing, aquaculture, water management, environmental protection, horse farming...

It offers undergraduate courses in these fields focused on practical training to meet the local and national needs of the workplace.  The courses (short or long term courses) are designed for young and adultswith a strong linkage with regional professional businesses and farms and Higher education institutions.  More than 1000 students attend thesescourseseveryyear.

The institution is also fully equipped with professional tools to promote practical training for students and local farmers eager to process their own products.